7 Things business analysts need to know about agile

Agile. Scrum. Lean. SAFe. Buzzwords to be certain, and also powerful ideas that have changed the landscape in which you and most other business analysts find yourselves today. How can you position yourself to be effective and ultimately successful in this environment? Join Kent McDonald to find out seven things business analysts need to know about agile and how you can use that knowledge to thrive as a business analyst. You’ll learn what an agile mindset is and how you can adopt one. You’ll find out how you can apply analysis practices you already use in a way that will make you the business analyst that all your teams will want to work with. You’ll find out about the roles that business analysts can play in agile environment and select the one that is the best fit for you. Whether you are an agile advocate in your organization or you’ve had agile “done to you,” come to this presentation to find out how to be the most agile business analyst you can be.



McDonald, Kent