Agile Loops

Learning is the bottleneck for many organizations. Optimizing anything else is a local optimization that will not move the needle. Becoming a learning organization requires recognizing feedback loops and knowing how to use them to our advantage. The agile realm is full of feedback loops. Each process, practice, or framework under the agile umbrella shares this in common. What should you do next? You need a customer feedback loop. How quickly can you do it? You need a production feedback loop. How do you know it’s the right thing? You need a delivery feedback loop. How do you continuously improve and adapt? You need a feedback loop for organizational change. We often think of things having a linear progression and don’t see the loops that are occurring right in front of us. By recognizing these loops, we can ensure we are not missing a piece in the puzzle. Join us for a holistic discussion of how understanding, identifying, and improving your agile loops throughout your organization can help you improve your organizational agility.



Beier, Chad


Bubolz, Jeff