Part B (aft) - Be seen, Be understood! Tell your career story and use STAR answers Job Interview Skills

In job interviews you are on the spot to quickly connect with the interviewer, as well as respond clearly and concisely to difficult interview questions. The best way to do this is by knowing the parts of your career story, and by using STAR answers to illustrate your value and your strengths. In this hands-on, minds-on, active participation session you will receive tools to assemble your career story and make sure it has the right information for an interviewer to really see and understand you and know that you are the right fit for the company! During this session we will: *Understand the types of interviewers you may meet (skill, feeling, and behavioral) and prepare you to communicate with all of them. *Introduce and understand the Career Story and STAR answer concepts. *Learn how to create mutual understanding with an interviewer through the use of both of these techniques. *Spend time creating your own Career Story and STAR answers during the session and set you up to take your own deeper dive later on. *Work in pairs to tell our Career Story and STAR answer with another participant and receive structured feedback from them.




Leyton, Ryland