Becoming a Visio Power User

Sure, you know how to use Visio. But can you really make it sing and dance? In this workshop, you will take your Visio knowledge to the next level in order to build diagrams more effectively and create more powerful drawings.

You’ll learn tips and techniques for making Visio do what you want it to (rather than living with what Visio wants to do!). You’ll learn how to create custom shapes and then build custom stencils and templates that you and your colleagues can use in order to create consistent looking diagrams across the organization. You’ll discover little-used features that allow you to get work done more quickly, including adding “hidden” features to the Visio ribbon so your new favorite features are always a click away. You’ll learn about the ShapeSheet, a behind-the-scenes component of Visio that gives you the power to make Visio do exactly what you want it to. You will also learn about Visio macros that can be used to automate repetitive functions.




Helmers, Scott