CommonSensical Documentation


Commonsensical Documentation is a guide to simple, lean, and agile technical writing. When you ask people what they expect when they read technical documents, many will probably tell you: long, boring and hard to understand. This can lead to disastrous outcomes.

This course is about blending the best practices of communication and technical writing with a little common sense. By combining these principles Business Analysts and Technical Writers can produce documentation and technical communication that will be valuable and appreciated.

The ever-changing world of IT (Information Science and Technology) has added to that struggle. Hundreds of templates, methodologies, and experts are willing to provide you with help. Do they make it easier or just add to the complication? 

This course is targeted to Business Analysts and Technical Writers at all levels. Those just starting out who want to learn more about creating good documentation as well as seasoned writers who just want to add more polish to their deliverables. If you have ever found yourself writing boring or complicated documentation, then you are sure to find useful information in this course.




Chadwick, Deena