Elicit Requirements like an FBI Agent, Mother of a Teenager, or a 2 Year Old

This presentation focuses on the 2nd BABoK Knowledge area: Elicitation and Collaboration. Specifically sections 4.1 to 4.3 Preparing, Conducting, and Confirmation Elicitation. Requirements elicitation is not simply gathering requirements. Requirements are not just laying around waiting for you to pick them up and write them out. Many times the users or clients themselves are not sure of what they want. All too often the most obvious requirements are wrong or incomplete. Requirements elicitation is all about learning & understanding the need by seeking, uncovering, acquiring, and elaborating. CommonSense tells us if we want to elicit the requirements like the best of them, we need to learn from the experts at asking questions and getting answers: FBI Agents, Mothers of Teenagers, and Curious 2-Year Olds.




Chadwick, Deena