Keep your Cukes Fresh

Cucumber has been around now for over ten years. In that time, many teams have realized the potential of Cucumber to promote common understanding and quality practices, helping to pave the way for the risk free delivery of changes. Some teams, however, have seen the aftermath of Cucumber that has been allowed to spoil in the corner, spending much of their time and energy attempting to understand what went wrong. Where does your team fit into the spectrum? Are you suffering from back and forth in your delivery process due to misunderstandings? Are you confident that changes to your applications aren’t causing regressions? Are you dealing with a lot of enhancements due to ‘missed requirements?’ Or, are you delivering quality consistently? Through the use of examples and stories from a Cucumber practitioner, this session will help participants identify what spoiled Cucumber is, what fresh Cucumber is, and how to keep their Cukes fresher, longer.



Sims, Jeremy