Know your leadership compass – A roadmap to lead with passion and purpose

Business leaders, managers, and directors may be brilliant leaders in one situation and do not have the same results in another. Management gurus agree: Anyone can lead, not everyone can be a successful leader. The previously embraced command-and-control techniques are increasingly ineffective. Today’s business environment demands leaders to be alert, agile, enterprising, and skilled in the art of diplomacy. As a leader, it's imperative to articulate who you are, and what you stand for, and why you're excited to lead your team. Are these areas you feel you need to develop? Do you have a compass to guide you on the journey of leading through challenging times, your teams, stay flexible in dealing with them; try to respond to them in ways that address their needs and interests. If so, join us for this workshop “Developing your Leadership Compass.” It is a highly-interactive reflective process that sets a path to transformational leadership. Participants will receive navigational direction to support others as they assert their leadership maturity and learn how their thinking and behavior impact the way they lead others.



Godard, Jimmy