So, You Think You're Ready for Your Next Career Move?

Preparation is key!!!! You never know when that next opportunity may come knocking on your door, or present itself. Ensuring your resume truly conveys your career journey, and the skills you bring to the table, can be challenging. Whether you are advancing your career in your current field, or trying to embark on a new endeavor, you have to market and sell yourself to get your foot in the door for that interview. I have found that many individuals believe their resume speaks to their career journey but does it really showcase the skill sets needed for that next step in your journey? If it does then that next step is nailing the interview. Interviewing has changed over the years. You have panel interviews, skype/video conference interviews, phone interviews and more. Then you have technical questions, behavior questions, simulations and more. How do you handle all the madness? This workshop will provide you with clear tips and techniques to ensure you are ready for your next career move when it presents itself.