Super Team Dynamics Workshop: It’s Time to Save the Day!

In a world where the workload is high and the timelines are short, teams are often expected to accomplish goals that require superhuman abilities. While Business Analysts are frequently known for saving the day, success often hinges on the collective powers of a strong team. When you think of everyone you work with on a day to day basis, how do they operate as a team, or set of teams? Are they swooping in to save the day, or are they in need of rescue themselves? This workshop will demonstrate the importance of empathy, inclusiveness, healthy conflict and open communications, and why effective team dynamics is a critical factor for success. We will apply techniques from the latest research in team dynamics and human interaction to approaches that you can use in your day to day work. Whether you are bringing your team along or attending on your own, this workshop will provide key activities that will help you be the hero your team needs as you all become a super-powered team!

Learning Objectives:

-How groundbreaking research in the field of human dynamics is changing what we know about effective teamwork

-How your team can improve your interactions and effectiveness

-How leaders can help their teams overcome challenging circumstances and achieve success



Scott, Rebecca