Unicorns in the Forest: How to leverage unique skills in your workplace

Business Analysis hold a myriad of unique skills and techniques that may be as rare as unicorns in your kingdom. Whether these are skills you bring from a previous role or newly-acquired skills you’ve gained from an IIBA chapter conference, it is sometimes challenging to apply those skills within your kingdom. When your royalty and subjects don’t believe in unicorns, how can you help them understand that they not only exist in the forests of other kingdoms, but that they can actually thrive in yours? This session will provide approaches that you can use to apply your unicorn skills in a way that demonstrates value and delivers results for your kingdom. Then, you will prove to your royalty and subjects that unicorns DO exist, AND they are amazing!

Learning Objectives:

-How to find opportunities to leverage unique skills when they are unfamiliar to others

-How to demonstrate value in those skills and communicate the value

-How to track positive results and leverage them for success



Scott, Rebecca