What's Your Business Analyst Genius?

This session will involve the use of the Advanced Insights profile which shows the What, Why and How of each participant. This profile will need to be completed prior to attending this session.

The Problem The question was asked, “Why do some people consistently achieve much greater success with less effort, while others - who work just as hard, are just as intelligent, and even work in the same environment - achieve much less?”

To better understand The Problem, and identify it’s cause, in 2000 we commissioned the Genius Study: 75 PhDs and 900 management consultants and coaches in the field 197,000 employees from 23 countries 80 natural talents relating to natural talents measured Business performance metrics:

  • Level I - Below Average 
  • Level II - Average 
  • Level III - Above Average 
  • Level IV - Excellent 
  • Level V - Genius 

To flesh out the lessons learned in the study, we interviewed hyper-successful people who did NOT suffer from The Problem:

  • Anthony Robbins – Personal Life Coach and Peak Performance expert 
  • Dan Lyons – CEO of Team Concepts Inc., seven-time National Team member, World Champion and Olympian in rowing 
  • Frances Hesselbein – Founding Director of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation and former CEO of Girl Scouts of America 
  • Laurence Higgins M.D. – Chief of Sports Medicine and Shoulder at Harvard 
  • Dr. Marshall Goldsmith – NY Times best-selling business author and executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs 
  • Michael Lorelli – former Chief Marketing Officer and President of PepsiCo Inc. International 
  • Mickey Rogers – World Authority Demolitions Expert 
  • Randy Haykin – Founding Vice President Sales/Marketing Yahoo Inc. 
  • And more… 

The Findings of the Research:

No statistically significant correlations between performance and any natural talents All roles, all industries, all levels Two acquired talents (Self-Awareness & Authenticity)

Meaning: Anyone can achieve the 5th Level of performance But it requires concrete self-awareness and authenticity The average level of self-awareness for the 5th level performers in the study was 89% compared to 62% for the 4th level performers and less than 47% for the 1st through 3rd level performers. 

Those who were 5th level performers had levels of authenticity that were 91% versus the levels of authenticity seen in the 4th level performers of 79% and in the 1st through 3rd level performers who were at 63% In today's age, everyone is expected to do more with less. We are constantly on the move and very rarely do we get the chance to look at ourselves. I mean really look at ourselves...what we are great at and what we aren't so great at.

This session provides each participant with their personal WHAT, WHY and HOW.

  • The What – What natural talents does he/she have. 
  • The Why – Why he/she is motivated to use them. 
  • The How – How does he/she prefer to use them. 

Providing this information to participants allows them to add value in their current roles and determine what talents to leverage to attain the greatest results with minimal effort. In other words, it provides self-awareness and the means to become authentic to the talents and blind spots they possess.



Arzani, Bryan