IBADD 2020- Volunteers

IBADD 2020 planning started in September of 2019. It could not happen without the hard work and dedication of our amazing volunteers. Be sure to thank them!

Want to get involved? Contact the IBADD Chair.

IBADD 2020 Teams


Becci Schroeder


Brian Larkin

Oversees the activities of all event planning teams. Manages the IBADD document repository. Maintains high-level activity documentation. Manages/tracks expenses. Monitors budget.

Lead - Jennifer Burton

Develops and monitors adherence to the approved event budget.  Provides financial oversight to IBADD including financial planning, financial reports to the Board, and monitoring of internal controls and accounting policies.  

Lead - Diane Raygor

Team Members:

John Reutter

Crysti Brumm

Deanne Sunsbergen

Chima Smith

Joy Campbell

Nikki Vasquez

Patti Deist-Willhite

Responsible for all physical aspects of the event including venue, audio and video, catering, information dissemination and attendee registration. Administers attendee lists, ensuring that the event is prepared for each and every attendee.


Co-Lead - Shanna Gray

Co-Lead - Nikia Gillispie

Team Members:

Deneen Wilmore

Andrea Jackson

Lauren Walker

Pearl Fernandes

Lori Goodwin

Brenda Peshak


Ensures all attendees receive the learning opportunities that they are looking for, with the goal of earning their registration again the next year. Manages the selection of speakers and organization of any other learning opportunities at the event.

Lead - Kellie Fox

Team Members:
Brenda Peshak

Analyzes the event's historical statistics and attendees. Develops and implements a marketing plan and is responsible for all communication tasks required to ensure high levels of participation in the event. Manages the production of all graphical materials needed for the event including promotion and logistical materials. Responsible for selecting an event-wide graphical theme and incorporate it into all web, communication and print items, including the event guide, and all signage.

Pathable App
Lead - John Parcel

Team Members:
Brenda Peshak
Tate Golightly

Responsible for the event app.

Co-Lead - Henry Baccam

Co-Lead Barbara Brockway
Focuses on those third partner relationships required to financially support the event. This includes the sponsorship program as well as donations and certain vendors.