Chadwick, Deena

Deena Chadwick



Deena Chadwick - The CommonSensical BA, has built a solid reputation for delivering award-winning work, through more than 20 years of diverse experience in the ever-changing digital marketing arena. Deena has managed and leads teams in scope definition, requirements management, architecture, design, development, deployment, and optimization. She is the author of the CommonSensical Series: A Guide for Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Product Owners. This is a series of eBooks, eCourses, and presentations that focus on bringing some needed CommonSense back into the complex world of interactive project delivery. She is known for her ability to infuse innovative processes and techniques that facilitate strong agile like collaboration between Technology, Business, and Creative teams. Deena is also a public speaker and trainer. For more than 10 years she has shared her passion for bringing CommonSense back to the conversation.