Helmers, Scott

Scott Helmers



Scott A. Helmers is a Senior Instructor with Netmind and a Partner at the Harvard Computing Group, a software and consulting firm that assists clients with understanding and implementing business process solutions. He is a co-inventor of TaskMap, a Visio add-in that allows anyone to document, analyze, and improve their business processes.

Scott has worked with clients in ten countries on projects involving process mapping and redesign, knowledge management, and technology training. For more than a decade, he was an Adjunct Professor at both Northeastern and Boston Universities.

Scott has been named a Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visio every year since 2008, one of only nine people in the world to hold that distinction. He is the author of four books from Microsoft Press, including Visio 2016 Step by Step, and is a course author for LinkedIn Learning.

Netmind - https://netmind.net/
TaskMap - http://www.taskmap.com/
Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visio - https://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/PublicProfile/4020447
Visio 2016 Step by Step - http://www.visiostepbystep.com/