Kuehn, Whynde

Whynde Kuehn


​Whynde Kuehn is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Consulting, helping clients
bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and achieve their greatest visions for
business transformation in a practical and business-focused way. Whynde has extensive
experience in enterprise transformation and planning, and was a key player in
architecting one of the largest business transformations in the world. She also led one
of the largest business transformation and architecture consulting practices prior to
starting S2E.

Whynde is a long-time business architecture practitioner, educator, author and
recognized industry thought leader, with extensive experience applying the discipline at
leading Fortune 500 enterprises and a range of entrepreneurs, nonprofits and social

She is an IDT Institute Fellow and a Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium. Whynde is
also Partner at Business Architecture Associates, and Co-Founder of the Business
Architecture Guild.

Whynde is also a passionate advocate for applying solid business approaches to enable
non-profits, social enterprises and cross-sector social initiatives to successfully start,
scale, replicate, and sustain. With a focus on Africa and developing nations, she has
spent years on the ground helping organizations to move big ideas into action, operate
effectively and create systemic change.