Sims, Jeremy

Jeremy Sims


Jeremy Sims is a Test Engineer in the Greater Des Moines Area, working in the agile development space for 7+ years. In that time, He has held various roles, e.g. Scrum Master, Dev Team Lead, Release Manager, Agile Tester, etc. For all of the roles he has played on various agile projects, Jeremy mostly enjoys working in the trenches with Development Teams. Currently he is contracting as an Agile Test Analyst at the State of Iowa working with development teams to help ensure proper test coverage is being achieved as features are being built. He is also coaching various teams on the best testing practices to employ when transitioning to an agile testing methodology, and can be seen drawing depictions of test pyramids/volcanoes and abysses on numerous white boards around the office. When He isn’t automating tests or bug-hunting, he enjoys spending time with his family on his pontoon boat, trying to catch fish.