Tilley, Kylee

Kylee Tilley


Kylee Tilley is a software engineer with 20 years of experience in the web space, 6 years in the QA/testing space and in his first year of mentoring/teaching.

Cutting his teeth as a QA at a Silicon Valley startup Kylee learned how to test fast and effectively. With one-week sprints, continuously deployment and frequency investor demos it was vital to mitigate risk. His introduction of test automation helped the company delivery quality to investors.

He was then brought on at Athene to help build a greenfield test automation team. There he helped train/hire testers, establishing the testing tool stack and integrated development & testing through a cross training program.

Currently working at Source Allies Kylee develops applications, builds infrastructure, tests and coaches QA/testing practices for clients. Within the company he has started a QA coaching program for teams without a QA/tester as well as training other to take on a QA role.

Kylee's passion extends beyond development and testing and in to teaching as well. He is the Chair of Education for DAQAA (https://daqaa.com) where he has been working on content centered around entry level testing and test automation.

In his free time Kylee enjoys writing code, music (synthesizers, sound engineering), cooking, roguelikes and family.

He is also active through social media (twitter: @testingrequired), his blog (https://www.testingrequired.com) and open source (https://github.com/testingrequired).