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October 4th 2024

We're so excited to present IBADD 2024, a day full of opportunity, education, and your fellow BAs, POs, SM, and any other Analyst professionals.


We invite you to join us in person on October 4th, 2024 for our 17th annual Iowa Business Analysis Development Day (IBADD).


Step Beyond the Screen at IBADD 2024: Our theme this year is all about stepping beyond the screen and focusing on the value of people and connections.

This conference is for everyone that gathers, analyzes, and solves problems based on data regardless of your job title. Join us in person to advance your career, foster personal growth, and deepen your analytical understanding.


Why Attend?

  • Advance Your Career: Learn from industry leaders and gain insights that will propel your professional journey.


  • Foster Personal Growth: Engage in sessions designed to develop both your personal and professional skills.


  • Deepen Your Analysis Understanding: Participate in workshops and discussions that will enhance your analytical expertise.


This is an opportunity to step beyond the screen, forge connections with your peers, and fuel new ideas.

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