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Dorice Horenstein 

After serving as an officer in the Israeli army followed by many leadership years in the education field, Dorice transitioned to make the world her platform.  Her award-winning bestselling book Moments of the Heart: Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly was published in 2020, providing Dorice with the opportunity to use her knowledge and expertise to speak on international stages. Through sharing personal stories, concepts, and tools in Positive Intelligence, Dorice helps her clients improve their mental fitness, navigate challenges, discover growth opportunities and thus find their champion within.

Dorice is known as the Oy to Joy speaker, and her energy and charisma are her signature tools in speaking and facilitating to all audiences whether virtually or in person.

Presenting and training is Dorice’s superpower. She defines T.E.A.M. as Together Everyone’s Attributes (are) Magnified. Dorice motivates others to identify their strengths and improve effectiveness and become the leaders they are meant to be. She promotes healthy and positive relationships that reduce stress and helps clients achieve higher retention as well as a positive atmosphere in the workplace (and at home!).

When giving keynotes, Dorice invigorates audiences using impactful stories of challenges sprinkled with tips of positivity to gain awareness.

When coaching, leaders are moved to take actions that bring their potential into reality.

When delivering training and workshops, Dorice enhances teams’ effectiveness and promotes healthy and positive relationships by using AMEN to CORE, her 4-step approach, Awareness, Mental fitness, Communication, and Resilience.

Dorice passionately believes that positivity is an "inside out” practice that instills a calm, laser-focused approach, produces success and growth, AND can be taught to strengthen, cultivate and inspire others to live a joyful, healthy, and positive life!

Dorice gained her coaching certifications through the International Coaching Federation and Positive Intelligence organization. Dorice is a member of the National Speaker Association, serves on the NSA Oregon board, is a fellow member of IOC, at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate, and is Past President of Toastmasters for Speaking Professionals. 

Join her as she presents:

RELOK your goal, unlock your potential, and create your desired reality

Think big. Think as if you had no box to squeeze yourself in! What is your goal? How do you turn your goal into a reality and bring forth your potential? As Dorice shares her stories, participants will reflect on their own life’s journey, determine their top priorities, and reveal their own way to achieve their goals.  How? By following Dorice's 3 RELOK principles.



  1. Gain an understanding of the commonality of all human beings and appreciate what you bring forth.

  2. Celebrate your capabilities and connect with your identity.

  3. Strategize your steps and processes to achieve your goal

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